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APO Announcement

An updated EPA Salary Increase Request Submission and Effective Date schedule  is now posted to the APO website, revised for GA’s September Faculty Salary Increase Guidelines.  Please use APO provided information for faculty salary increase process, forms and schedule.  The EPA process is specified on the APO website and all needed faculty salary increase forms noted there as well, including:

Recommendation for EPA Salary Increase Form

BOG Approval Form for Salary Increase – v9.2013


EPA salary increase submission schedule, revised 9/30/2013:

EPA Salary Increase Request Submission and Effective Date Schedule

APO Announcement

Updated Non-Faculty and Faculty Salary Increase Guidelines 

The University has received additional information from UNC General Administration (GA) on salary increase guidelines for both SPA and EPA employees for the remainder of Fiscal Year 2013/14.  While most of the previously issued guidance from the Academic Personnel Office (APO) and the Office of Human Resources (OHR) remains similar, since GA has clarified some key changes, we have re-stated salary increase guidelines for both faculty and non-faculty employees in a single document. 

Salary adjustment forms have been updated on the APO website to reflect changes of the salary increase guideline.  The September 16 memo from Provost James Dean and Vice Chancellor of Human Resources Brenda Malone is noted here Updated Non-Faculty and Faculty Salary Increase Guidelines.

APO Announcement

The summer facilities remodeling project of the Provost Office (Academic Personnel and Finance & Operations) is complete.  The office will be returning to South Building tomorrow on Wednesday, August 21.

Employee phone numbers and our campus mail address (CB# 8000) will remain the sam.  As of August 22nd, all deliveries, including dossier materials, should be made to 218 South Bldg.  Our conference room will not be open for reservation until a date to be determined later.

As a result of the move, staff will have limited, or no, phone and computer access during the transition starting Tuesday, August 20th.  We plan to resume full access by Thursday, August 22. 

APO Anouncement

The updated schedule for the APT process, including dossier submission deadlines and HSAC/ APT committee meetings, has been posted for AY13-14.  The updated schedule is located at:

* Standard Order Tables site, 

An updated out of cycle EPA Salary Increase Request Submission Schedule is posted on the website as well, at: