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Guidance to Fiscal Year 2014/15 Salary Increase Guidlines

The University has just received notification regarding the Fiscal Year 2014/15 salary increase guidelines from UNC General Administration (GA). These updates affect both non-faculty and faculty employees. Please note that this memo is only for the updates to the GA 10 percent pre-approval process; another memo regarding the one-time annual raise process is forthcoming.

All Non-Faculty and Faculty Increases

The 10 percent pre-approval process for cumulative Fiscal Year 2014/15 salary increases remains in effect through June 30, 2015.   The new guidelines remain primarily the same with the one exception to the previous April 2, 2014, restriction on the use of general funds: equity and labor market are now allowed on state funds for this fiscal year.

Increases That Do Not Require Pre-Approval

  • A current faculty member promoted to a higher academic rank within their same position consistent with campus policies.
  • Summer Courses – Summer courses are considered task-based compensation and are excluded from the 10 percent pre-approval process.
  • FTE Adjustments – FTE adjustments do not require pre-approval if the pay rate does not change.
  • Conversion – A current employee’s conversion from nine months to a longer term without an increase in the rate of pay.
  • 12-month to nine-month conversion – A current employee’s conversion from a longer to shorter term (e.g., a 12-month to a nine-month appointment conversion), unless that conversion does not include a commensurate change in the fraction of their salary.
  • Temporary supplement – a temporary administrative supplement that lasts fewer than nine months OR results in an increase below 25 percent.
  • Salary increases funded through the Faculty Recruitment and Retention Fund. (However, these increases do require Presidential pre-approval)
  • Summer school or instructional overload payments. These are considered task-based compensation.

The Fiscal Year 2014/15 salary increase guidelines have been updated to reflect this change and remain available on the OHR web site.

Please communicate this change to those within your areas of responsibility who would be affected. As always, if you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact Jessica Moore directly in the Office of Human Resources on any non-faculty questions and Gwen Burston directly in the Academic Personnel Office if you have questions regarding faculty increases.

Forms, Schedule, and Guidelines

BOG Approval Template FY 2014/15

Faculty Salary Increase Form

EPA Faculty Salary Increase Request Submission Schedule

School of Dentistry, School of Public Health and School of Medicine – Clinical Faculty Salary Ceilings for 2014-2015

University Faculty Recruiting and Retention Fund Guidelines


APO Updating Webpage with PeopleSoft Language

The Academic Personnel Office is in the process of updating our website to replace the terms and processes which reference “EPAweb” with the term “PeopleSoft.”  For now, if you see the term “EPAweb” please know that we are working to update that language and you should assume that the information is actually referring to the PeopleSoft system.

However, there are processes that were part of the EPAweb system which will change in PeopleSoft.  For some of these, such as the ARP process, we do not yet know exactly what the future process will be so you will not see updates for those sections just yet.  Please be patient as we all transition to the new system.  As always, feel free to contact our office if you have questions about something on our APO website.

Faculty Orientation Announcement

New Employee Orientation Program: Faculty Employees

UNC-Chapel Hill offers the Welcome to Carolina orientation program for new EPA Faculty employees. The classroom-based orientation provides an overview of benefits offered by the University. EPA Faculty employees must either attend a Welcome to Carolina session or complete the online EPA Faculty orientation within 30 days of beginning work. Classroom-based sessions are held every other Monday (or alternate day when the University is closed for a holiday). The Office of Human Resources, supervisors, departmental contacts and others are responsible for orienting the new employee to the organization.

Welcome to Carolina Orientation Program

Orientation is important because it does the following:

  • Provides new employees with concise and accurate information to make them more comfortable in the job
  • Encourages employee confidence and helps the new employee adapt faster to the job
  • Contributes to a more effective, productive workforce
  • Improves employee retention
  • Promotes communication between the supervisor and the new employee

New employees must be clear about their responsibilities at the University and given the tools needed to be successful in their jobs. A good orientation program takes time and effort, yet it is an important investment for hiring departments, new employees and the University.

Online Registration

Registration for the classroom based orientation is completed by the school/division’s HR Office at the time of the job offer. It is recommended that registration be completed at least 72 hours before the session to ensure sufficient notice to the venue. To register an employee for the EPA Faculty Welcome to Carolina New Employee Orientation session:

Register here



10:15 a.m.-12:30 p.m.  (Benefits Review, Q&A and Forms Collection)


The William and Ida Friday Center for Continuing Education

100 Friday Center Drive

Chapel Hill, NC 27599


If you have registration questions, please contact the Onboarding Specialist at or call the HR Service Center at (919) 843-2300.

If you have benefits related questions, please contact Benefits, Work/Life and HR Records at (919) 962-3071.

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APO Announcement

An updated EPA Salary Increase Request Submission and Effective Date schedule  is now posted to the APO website, revised for GA’s September Faculty Salary Increase Guidelines.  Please use APO provided information for faculty salary increase process, forms and schedule.  The EPA process is specified on the APO website and all needed faculty salary increase forms noted there as well, including:

Recommendation for EPA Salary Increase Form

BOG Approval Form for Salary Increase – v9.2013


EPA salary increase submission schedule, revised 9/30/2013:

EPA Salary Increase Request Submission and Effective Date Schedule