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Phased Retirement Participants Retain Voting Eligibilities

To: Deans, Directors, and Department Heads

School / Division HR Officers and Secondary Contacts

From: Mike Mathews, Interim Director of Academic Personnel

Date: January 28, 2015

Re: Phased Retirement Participants Retain Voting Eligibilities

The eligibility of faculty who participate in the University of North Carolina Phased
Retirement Program to vote on personnel actions which include the award of tenure or
promotion has come under review by the Academic Personnel Office.  Section III.B of
the Program Summary information (online here: indicates that
“Eligible Faculty Members who elect into the Program will retain their professorial rank
and the full range of responsibilities, rights, and general benefits associated with it…”
This retention of rights includes eligibility to vote on personnel recommendations that
confer the award of tenure or promotion, to the extent already provided to faculty of the
phased retiree’s rank, and applies to all Phased Retirement participants in all UNCChapel
Hill departments.

This communication supersedes any previous communication on the matter from this

Cc: Ron Strauss, Executive Vice Provost and Chief International Officer


EPA Faculty and EPA Non-Faculty Annual Raise Process for Fiscal Year 2014-15

TO:  All Permanent EPA Faculty and EPA Non-Faculty Employees

FROM:  James W. Dean, Jr., Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, Felicia A. Washington, Vice Chancellor for Workforce Strategy, Equity, and Engagement

SUBJECT:EPA Faculty and EPA Non-Faculty Annual Raise Process for Fiscal Year 2014-15

UNC General Administration (GA) has issued annual salary instructions for EPA faculty and EPA non-faculty permanent employees for fiscal year 2014-15. The instructions encourage the chancellors to “give strong consideration to rewarding meritorious performance with an emphasis on excellence in teaching for faculty.” The instructions also provide that “[a]ny EPA salary increases are to be discretionary; there is no expectation of the across-the-board approach that was required for SPA employees.”

Given the lack of consistent salary increases over the past several years, the Chancellor, the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, and the University’s senior administrative leadership are committed to providing a substantive salary increase for deserving permanent EPA faculty and permanent EPA non-faculty employees this fiscal year. Accordingly, a $1,000 salary increase will be implemented for these individuals as long as they are deemed by their supervisory management chain to be in good standing and performing their duties in a satisfactory manner. This increase amount will be pro-rated for permanent part-time faculty or non-faculty employees and will be considered satisfied if an individual has already received an increase of $1,000 or greater since July 1, but prior to the annual raise process.

In addition to the $1,000 increase amount, the Chancellor and the Provost will allocate a 2% pool to all Deans and Vice Chancellors for State and Overhead (F&A) funded salaries for the purpose of recognizing and rewarding meritorious performance. The Deans and Vice Chancellors may choose to supplement this pool, as their local and grant funded resources permit, to further support merit-related increases within their areas.

With regard to the variable portion of the annual raise process, the Deans and Vice Chancellors are being instructed to apply the following criteria in determining individual salary increase amounts:

EPA faculty employees: Excellence in teaching, research, and public service, which positively contributes to the mission of the faculty member’s Department and School/College. This may include effectiveness as demonstrated by publications, research productivity, teaching evaluations, and service.

EPA non-faculty employees: Meritorious performance as reflected in the employee’s most recent annual performance evaluation (in whatever form this evaluation was provided) and the extent to which the employee positively contributes to the mission of the employee’s Department, School/College, and/or Division.

Salary adjustments for permanent EPA faculty who are covered by a faculty compensation plan, as are implemented in the Schools of Medicine, Pharmacy, and Dentistry, will have any annual adjustments governed by the provisions of these plans, as may be communicated by the relevant Dean’s Office.

All salary increases granted as part of the annual raise process will be retroactive back to July 1, 2014. The GA instructions provide that the annual increase will be implemented in the October 2014 or later payroll. The University will pay any increases in the November or December monthly payrolls, due in part to the ConnectCarolina implementation now under way. This includes the retroactive amounts back to July 1. However, in accordance with the instructions, the annual raise process will not apply to individuals who have separated from the University at the time the increases are processed in payroll.

Individuals will be informed of any salary increase to be granted as part of the annual raise process by their School/Division HR Office or their Department Head by late November or earlier. School/Division Human Resources Offices will soon receive more detailed instructions on the annual raise process implementation, and they will share further details as this process gets under way.

Any increases for EPA temporary faculty or EPA temporary non-faculty employees (including postdoctoral fellows) are not part of the annual raise process and would be processed in accordance with regular campus salary increase procedures.


cc: Deans, Directors, and Department Heads School/Division HR Officers Business Managers

This message is sponsored by: Office of the Provost & Workforce Strategy, Equity and Engagement

Guidance to Fiscal Year 2014/15 Salary Increase Guidlines

The University has just received notification regarding the Fiscal Year 2014/15 salary increase guidelines from UNC General Administration (GA). These updates affect both non-faculty and faculty employees. Please note that this memo is only for the updates to the GA 10 percent pre-approval process; another memo regarding the one-time annual raise process is forthcoming.

All Non-Faculty and Faculty Increases

The 10 percent pre-approval process for cumulative Fiscal Year 2014/15 salary increases remains in effect through June 30, 2015.   The new guidelines remain primarily the same with the one exception to the previous April 2, 2014, restriction on the use of general funds: equity and labor market are now allowed on state funds for this fiscal year.

Increases That Do Not Require Pre-Approval

  • A current faculty member promoted to a higher academic rank within their same position consistent with campus policies.
  • Summer Courses – Summer courses are considered task-based compensation and are excluded from the 10 percent pre-approval process.
  • FTE Adjustments – FTE adjustments do not require pre-approval if the pay rate does not change.
  • Conversion – A current employee’s conversion from nine months to a longer term without an increase in the rate of pay.
  • 12-month to nine-month conversion – A current employee’s conversion from a longer to shorter term (e.g., a 12-month to a nine-month appointment conversion), unless that conversion does not include a commensurate change in the fraction of their salary.
  • Temporary supplement – a temporary administrative supplement that lasts fewer than nine months OR results in an increase below 25 percent.
  • Salary increases funded through the Faculty Recruitment and Retention Fund. (However, these increases do require Presidential pre-approval)
  • Summer school or instructional overload payments. These are considered task-based compensation.

The Fiscal Year 2014/15 salary increase guidelines have been updated to reflect this change and remain available on the OHR web site.

Please communicate this change to those within your areas of responsibility who would be affected. As always, if you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact Jessica Moore directly in the Office of Human Resources on any non-faculty questions and Gwen Burston directly in the Academic Personnel Office if you have questions regarding faculty increases.

Forms, Schedule, and Guidelines

BOG Approval Template FY 2014/15

Faculty Salary Increase Form 2015-16

EPA Faculty Salary Increase Request Submission Schedule

School of Dentistry, School of Public Health and School of Medicine – Clinical Faculty Salary Ceilings for 2014-2015

University Faculty Recruiting and Retention Fund Guidelines


APO Updating Webpage with PeopleSoft Language

The Academic Personnel Office is in the process of updating our website to replace the terms and processes which reference “EPAweb” with the term “PeopleSoft.”  For now, if you see the term “EPAweb” please know that we are working to update that language and you should assume that the information is actually referring to the PeopleSoft system.

However, there are processes that were part of the EPAweb system which will change in PeopleSoft.  For some of these, such as the ARP process, we do not yet know exactly what the future process will be so you will not see updates for those sections just yet.  Please be patient as we all transition to the new system.  As always, feel free to contact our office if you have questions about something on our APO website.