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Faculty Intermittent are temporary faculty appointments who have variable teaching schedules and other work throughout the academic year where the total of work performed does not reach the amount of full-time for the faculty to be in a Visiting appointment.

At go-live, the process in ConnectCarolina to stop monthly payments during the period of inactivity was to process a hire/transfer ePAR into a non-compensated and 0 FTE appointment. Beginning May 14, 2021, the new process is to place the Faculty Intermittent on Short Work Break (SWB) during inactivity using the Edit Existing Job ePAR. When the activity resumes, process a Return from Work Break (RWB) action using the Edit Existing Job ePAR.

The Short Work Break and Return from Work Break ePARs do not impact the faculty appointment length or Expected End Date. It is not necessary to return a Faculty Intermittent from Work Break prior to terminating the job.

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