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We are pleased to announce that the UNC-Chapel Hill Faculty Retirement Planning Guide is now available as an interactive pdf on the Retirement Planning page of the HR website. This new resource assembles in one place the most retirement-relevant information for faculty at all career stages, from initial employment through the transition into retirement.

The Faculty Retirement Guide addresses a variety of topics including:

  • Catch-up contributions and beneficiary designations.
  • Implementing other retirement support like Social Security and Medicare.
  • Emeritus designation and maintaining your UNC connections.

This guide features the collective advice from over 30 recently retired UNC-Chapel Hill faculty, and its publication has been a collaborative project of the Retired Faculty Association, the Office of Human Resources and the Provost’s Office.

We are excited to share the Faculty Retirement Guide with our campus partners and appreciate your help in spreading the word about this resource. When sharing, we request that webpages referring to this resource would include a link to the HR Retirement Planning page where this document is posted rather than linking to the file of the guide itself.

This way we will be better able to keep this document as current as possible and to avoid the potential of having multiple versions of this document posted in various places on University webpages.

We would also appreciate your sending an announcement about this resource to your respective units and, if applicable, ask that you support our efforts to notify faculty via our Twitter and Instagram channels (@unc_hr) by amplifying our posts and/or posting to your own channels as well.

For your convenience, we’re providing a sample email for you to use in your communication channels. We appreciate your help with this new resource.


Thanks so much,

Katie Nolan

Executive Director of Strategy, Policy, and Special Projects


Click here to learn more about retirement, end of employment, and the Faculty Retirement Planning Guide.
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