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Pursuant to the Board of Governors’ Policy on External Professional Activities, we are reminding all EHRA Faculty and EHRA Non-Faculty employees that External Professional Activities for Pay (EPAP) requests for any activities that are currently known to occur in the time period of July 1, 2022, to June 30, 2023, should be submitted into the online Activities, Interests, and Relationships (AIR) management system (

External Professional Activities for Pay (EPAP) means any activity that:

  1. is not included within one’s University employment responsibilities;
  2. is performed for any entity, public or private, other than the University employer;
  3. is undertaken for compensation; and
  4. is based upon the professional knowledge, experience and abilities of the EHRA employee.

A few reminders with regard to this policy:

  • All EHRA employees at an FTE of .50 or greater are subject to this policy.
  • EPAP requests should be submitted at least 10 days in advance of the activity taking place. For multiple year projects, a new EPAP request must be submitted each fiscal year.
  • Generally, EPAPs must take place outside of normal working hours as established by the employee’s department. If an EPAP must be performed during scheduled work hours as determined by the department, the time should be taken as vacation or other appropriate non-paid time, as approved in advance by the department.
  • There is no entitlement or guarantee to a specific or set percentage of time for EPAP activities. Percent of effort is capped by the UNC System Office at 20% of University time for employees at 1.0 FTE.
  • For purposes of EPAPs, equity for you or your spouse/partner is a form of compensation, and therefore any activity with an entity that includes equity ownership requires an EPAP to be filed.
  • Please see the link for the FAQs at the end of this document for additional information.


Questions on the policy should be directed as follows:

  • For EHRA Non-Faculty employees: Vanessa Ragland, Senior Director of EHRA Personnel, at
  • For EHRA Faculty: Lachonya Thompson, Assistant Provost for Faculty Affairs, at

Please direct any questions related to processing EPAPs in the AIR system to Roberto Cofresi, Office of University Counsel, at 843-9953, or email Note: Information on your EPAP hours now may be viewed via your AIR profile, available through the website.

For more information on EPAP and related policies and regulations, please visit the University’s EPAP policy page.


External Professional Activities for Pay Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Other related policies:

UNC-Chapel Hill Policy on Individual Conflicts of Interest and Commitment,

The University, through the Office of University Counsel, collects and reports External Professional Activities for Pay as required in the Board of Governors’ Policy on Conflict of Commitment,

Regulations on External Professional Activities for Pay by Faculty and Non-Faculty EHRA Employees.

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