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Annual Leave, Sick Leave, and Holiday Summary for Faculty Members

The following summarizes annual leave, sick leave, and holiday leave guidelines for faculty employees. For information on payout or transfer of faculty leave in the event of termination, change of position or transfer to/from another State agency or UNC campus, see Guidelines on Faculty Leave Transfer or Payout.

Annual (Vacation) Leave for Twelve-Month Faculty Members

  • Twelve-month faculty members are entitled to 24 days of annual leave per calendar year.
  • The amount of annual leave is adjusted proportionately for part-time employees in covered positions who work half-time (50% FTE) or more.
  • Leave shall be earned on a monthly basis. The monthly earnings amount is equal to one-twelfth (1/12) of the annual leave accrual rate for each month the employee works or is on approved leave with pay at least half the working days of a month.
  • The scheduling of an employee’s annual leave shall be subject to the approval of his or her Department Chair or other individual designated by the Chair to authorize leave requests.
  • The maximum number of unused days of annual leave that may be accrued and carried forward from one year to the next shall be 30 work days; however, unused annual leave in excess of thirty (30) days shall be converted to sick leave on December 31st of each year. In the event of a part-time faculty member, the thirty-day limit is pro-rated based on the faculty members part-time work schedule (FTE).

Sick Leave for Twelve-Month Faculty

  • Twelve-month faculty earn 12 sick days per year accrued on a monthly basis. Unused sick leave may be accumulated and carried forward from year to year on an unlimited basis.
  • Upon separation, unused sick leave is not paid out. Only members of TSERS are eligible to have sick leave credit converted to creditable service upon retirement. For ORP participants, any unused sick leave balance at termination or retirement is forfeited.
  • Sick leave is restored to an employee’s leave record when the employee returns from an approved period of leave without pay.
  • Sick leave is restored to an employee’s leave record when the employee is reinstated to State service within five years of any type of separation.
  • Sick leave is reinstated when an employee returns to State service within five years after separating from EPA employment with a local government, public school, community college, or technical institute.
  • Twelve-month faculty members are also eligible for paid serious illness and parental leave which when used does not require use of accumulated annual or sick leave. For more information on this policy, click here.

Annual (Vacation) and Sick Leave for Nine-Month Faculty

Nine-month faculty do not earn either annual or sick leave. They are eligible for paid serious illness and parental leave. For more information on this policy, click here.


Both nine- and twelve-month faculty generally observe the same holidays as other University employees except that when classes are scheduled during a normal university holiday, faculty are expected to work when assigned teaching duties.

Please refer to the University Holiday Schedule for the most current holiday schedule. Please note that certain clinical departments of the School of Medicine have a modified holiday schedule for their employees. Clinical departments will communicate any such modified holiday schedule directly to their employees.

Re-Hires and Creditable Service

EPA faculty who separate from the University and later return will receive a new Total State Service Date (TSSD) and need to complete a Creditable Service: State of North Carolina form to receive credit for prior years of service. The form is sent to HR Records for completion.

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