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University employees may be paid for activities outside of the scope of their full-time employment through a lump sum payment depending on the reason for the activity and the source of funds. A lump sum payment has a beginning and ending date. The effective date of lump sum payment action is the first day of the month of the pay cycle in which it is submitted. Lump sum payments should not be submitted prior to the month in which they are effective. Ex: a 5/1 effective date should not be submitted until after April lockout.

Lump sum payments should not be used to pay faculty over a period of months for serving in an administrative role that is ongoing, i.e., assistant chair of a unit, director of a clinic, assistant dean of a school. The alternative is to add the payment for the activity as a salary supplement on a secondary appointment action in ConnectCarolina, after receiving appropriate pre-approval.

Lump Sum Payment Types

Summer School pay and summer salary for faculty are described in the section Summer Compensation for Faculty.

Overload payments are described in the section Overload Policy for EHRA Employees.


Additional Duties

This type of lump sum payment is usually reserved for part-time temporary employees. Provide a brief justification in the comments section of the ConnectCarolina action.


Supplemental compensation that may be presented to faculty and professional staff in the form of a lump sum payment for a variety of reasons (which will not become a part of their base salary) and the activity may be associated with their primary duties, but has earned special recognition or merit. This added supplement may also be awarded to faculty for outstanding performance(s) in the area of teaching, departmental service or research. Funding and the criteria to select recipients are left to the discretion of the unit; such awards include the Tanner Teaching Award, Chancellor’s Award, and Excellence in Management, etc. Note: The object code for awards is “1592.”


Payments not defined by the previous list. Provide a brief justification in the comments section of the ConnectCarolina action.

Clinical Income Pay

Faculty in the School of Medicine may receive clinical income pay as outlined in their Clinical Comprehensive Medical Plan, e.g., on-call, emergency room shifts, additional shifts at UNC Hospitals and other community hospitals.


Payments to SHRA Employees for Teaching Assignments

Lump Sum Payments may be made to exempt SHRA employees for teaching assignments when jointly approved by Academic Personnel (in terms of the EHRA fixed term faculty appointment details) and the Director of Employment & Staffing (in terms of the necessary approvals required under SHRA personnel regulations). Such arrangements are limited to salaried exempt SHRA employees.

See the SHRA Additional Employment personnel policy for further details.

Payments to Independent Contractors

If an individual to be paid qualifies as an Independent Contractor, the payment mechanism would be through the University’s Independent Contractor Management process, as directed by Accounts Payable and Vendor Services.

For more information, see the Policy on Independent Contractor.