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The following information is provided for those units who have faculty that may receive compensation for work during the summer months. Such compensation falls in two categories:

Summer School Pay: pay for instruction in the Summer School.

Summer Pay: pay for research or instructional activities unrelated to Summer School.

Limits On Summer Compensation

Nine-month faculty are limited to one third (1/3) of their nine-month base salary (excluding administrative supplements) for any combination of summer school or other summer pay.

Twelve-month faculty are compensated for any summer work under the provisions of the overload policy which limits overload to 20% of twelve-month base salary (excluding administrative supplements) in any fiscal year.

Summer Salaries For Nine-Month Faculty


Nine-month faculty may receive pay for work during the summer months. There are specific dates designated each year for summer pay: the day after commencement and the day before Fall semester classes begin.


The amount should be based on the faculty member’s daily rate. A faculty member’s summer pay should not be calculated as one-half month’s pay in May and August. Please be aware that in some years the earning period calculation may slightly exceed the permitted one third (1/3) of base pay limitation. When this is the case, the pay must be adjusted to fall within the 1/3 guideline.

Please see the Summer salary calculation template and an example of a completed template to assist departments in calculating the appropriate summer pay amounts for faculty.

Summer Salary Calculation Template  Summer Salary Calculation Template Example

Several important notes in performing summer pay calculations for nine-month faculty:

  • For part-time (less than 1.0 FTE) faculty, the limit on total summer salary to be paid may, at the option of the Department/School, be based on the full-time annualized rate recognizing that the work assigned during the summer months may exceed the normal academic year work schedule. This applies to the total cap on such salary but the department may pay any lesser amount at its discretion.
  • All salary rates and payment amounts must be in whole dollars for both summer salaries and summer school pay.
  • Please adhere to the applicable dates each year for calculation of summer compensation which are the day after commencement and the day before fall classes begin. Use of dates outside of this timeframe will result in the summer payment being disapproved.