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The following list of documents constitutes the “Standard Order” of paperwork to be submitted for review of an assistant professor for reappointment to a second probationary term of three years.

Timing of Review for Reappointment or Promotion

Except as expressly limited, promotions in rank may be made at any time during a faculty member’s employment.

Assistant Professors are reviewed in the third year of an initial four-year appointment for reappointment to the second probationary term of three years No less than 12 months before the end of this term a decision shall be made and communicated in writing to the assistant professor as to whether the assistant professor will be reappointed upon expiration of the current term.

The faculty member must be reviewed again in the second year of that three-year appointment at which time the decision to promote to the applicable rank or not to promote is made. No less than 12 months before the end of such a second term, a decision shall be made and communicated in writing to the assistant professor as to whether the faculty member will be promoted upon expiration of the current term. Decisions not to promote must have supporting reasons, including reports of external reviewers. A report of decision not to promote, with supporting reasons, shall be forwarded to the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost.

An updated AP-2 form should be completed for the current faculty member, who is exempt from the Human Resources Act (EHRA) and to effect any subsequent change in reappointment or promotion. Please verify that information is correct.
Recommendation letter from the Dean to the EVC&P or from the Chair endorsed by the Dean. (mark with tab)

The following is the preferred order for presentation of the CV. In every subheading, list items in reverse chronological order with most recent items first. Please date the CV so reviewers will know that they have the most recent version and number pages.

  • Personal
  • Education
  • Professional experience
  • Honors
  • Bibliography (show author order) – Please refer to Section E of the Standard Order Table.
    • Books & chapters (include pages)
    • Refereed papers/articles (include pages)
    • Refereed unpublished oral presentations and/or abstracts
    • Other non-refereed works (include book reviews, dissertations, and monographs)
  • Teaching activities: List courses for the past three years, number of students taught by section. Give names of graduate students supervised, thesis titles, and completion dates for degree work since employment at UNC-CH. Undergraduate honors projects should be included as well.
  • Grants (source, amount, type of grant, role on project, starting and ending dates)
  • Professional service
    • To discipline
    • Within UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Research statement
  • Teaching statement

Please verify that information is correct.

Important Note: CVs should not include age, date of birth, marital status, or social security number (SSN). These items are not relevant and should always be omitted from the CV.

If applicable, include the committee report.
Copy of letter soliciting recommendation. (see example)

Summaries should be provided showing quantitative data which evaluates the teaching effectiveness. (Do not include individual student evaluations or grade sheets.)


Please include an evaluative summary of peer observation of classroom lectures.

To complete the hiring requirements, an official transcript must be provided for all graduate degrees by the end of the first semester of employment with UNC Chapel Hill.  If the official transcript is in a letter other than English, a certified English translation also is required.  If the transcript is not available, the department may request a waiver from the Provost.  Please be aware that if an official transcript is not provided in a timely manner, employment may be terminated for failure to comply with a condition of employment.
Provide any additional information or materials that the school would like to submit but which is not duplicate of the above, e.g., support information on clinical service, and/or administrative duties.

The Edit Existing Job ePAR should have an effective date that is the date the faculty member is due notice of his/her reappointment to the second term (i.e. one year in advance of the current appointment term end date). The Probationary Faculty End Date should be changed to reflect the end of the secondary three-year probationary term appointment.  Use Action Code “JRC – Job Change” and Reason Code is “RAP – Reappointment.”

Example: An Assistant Professor with an expected Job End Date of 7/01/2017 is due notice by 07/01/16 of his/her reappointment to a second probationary term as Assistant Professor.

  • Effective date of the Edit Existing Job Reappointment ePAR should be 07/01/16 to avoid a future dated row in ConnectCarolina.
  • Expected Job End Date must be updated to 07/01/20 (i.e. 3 years beyond first term appointment end date)
  • In Comments field on the Edit Existing Job ePAR, note both the start and end date of the reappointment for reference by the Provost’s Office.

Use of the earlier effective date helps to facilitate the tracking of actions for appointing departments in ConnectCarolina and in no way affects the timely notice due for reappointments of tenure track Assistant Professors governed by the tenure code.