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The following list of documents constitutes what we refer to as the “Standard Order” of paperwork required for an initial tenure track appointment for review and approval through appropriate administrative channels. This list relates to and is partially duplicated by the document titled “Dossier: Format for Tenure Track or Tenured Faculty Review.” However, the guidelines below include other administrative documents and forms which in total comprise the appointment package but are not a substantive part of the faculty committee review process.

Supporting documents are required for the following appointments:

  • instructor (usually provisional pending degree completion)
  • assistant professor (four years, probationary)
  • associate professor (five years, probationary)
  • associate professor with tenure
  • professor with tenure
Standard Order Table: Tenure Track Initial Appointments


In order for paperwork to move expeditiously through the system two necessary forms are required (1) Form AP-2 is to be completed for a new appointee who is Exempt from the Human Resources Act (EHRA) and to effect any subsequent changes in the reappointment and/or promotion process, and (2) Form AP-2a which outlines Faculty Appointee Certifications and Conditions of Employment and is required only for initial appointments. Please verify that information is correct.

** This is a required step to be completed at the Department and/or School/Division for all employees in a Healthcare Environment. Documentation specific to this requirement need not be attached to the ConnectCarolina action unless requested by appointing School/Division. **

The Department of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) establishes policy and procedures to support the University’s overall mission, which includes maintaining a safe environment; ensuring regulatory compliance; and recognizing and controlling health and safety hazards.

For the purpose of meeting EHS requirements, “employees in a Healthcare Environment” applies to those employees whose position requires that they enter facilities where patient care is provided, whether in a patient care area or in an administration wing. As stated in the Conditions of Employment, employees in a Healthcare Environment are required to comply with the University’s Department of Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) policies and procedures regarding vaccines, medical surveillance or other required safety training within the first 10 days of your employment. Questions about which positions are impacted by this policy should be directed to the appropriate School/Division.

The Department and/or School/Division are responsible for ensuring this requirement is met. It is encouraged that a Department and/or School/Division with positions affected by this policy develop a process to have candidates complete this form during final selection of the recruitment process in order to ensure requirements have been met within the first 10 days of employment.

Questions about policy requirements should be directed to EHS (that office telephone number is (919) 962-5507 and more information is available on their website at

Information in the curriculum vitae should be provided in the following order for ease of review by the applicable committees. Please date the CV so reviewers will know that they have the most recent version and number pages.
      • Personal
      • Education
      • Professional Experience
      • Honors
      • Bibliography — on all items, show author order – Please refer to Section E of the Standard Order Table.
        • Books and Chapters, including pages
        • Refereed papers/articles, including pages
        • Refereed unpublished oral presentations and/or abstracts
        • Other non-refereed works, including book reviews, dissertations, monographs
      • Teaching record
      • Grants (source, amount, type of grant, role on project, starting and ending dates)
      • Professional Service:
        • To discipline
        • Within UNC-Chapel Hill

Important Note: CVs should not include age, date of birth, marital status, or social security number (SSN). These items are not relevant and should always be omitted from the CV.

Recommendation letter from the Dean to the EVC&P or from the Chair endorsed by the Dean. Evidence of teaching or promise thereof, if not obvious, should be addressed. For tenure appointments, include the vote of the faculty (yes, no, abstain). (mark with tab)
If applicable, include the committee report.
For Initial Tenure-Track Appointments

A minimum of four letters of evaluation which may come from individuals with whom the candidate has worked are required, normally all four from outside the institution. Ideally, all of the letters should come from research universities (RU/VH) with very high research activity).

If more than four are received, include all. (mark with tab)

For Tenured Appointments

A minimum of four letters of evaluation are required: all four from outside the institution, all from individuals independent of the candidate, two from a list provided by the candidate and two from individuals selected by the Department Chair or Dean, as appropriate. Ideally, all of the letters should come from research universities (RU/VH) with very high research activity).

If more than four are received, include all. (mark with tab)

Additional information may be submitted that would benefit the applicant’s mandatory materials if they are not duplicative of the previous documents requested, e.g., support information on clinical service, and/or administrative duties.

Following consultation with the Dean’s Council, the Chancellor’s Cabinet, the Executive Committee of the Faculty Council, and the Board of Trustees, the University has adopted a policy which will implement pre-appointment criminal conviction checks for all newly appointed members of the faculty effective July 1, 2007. These checks will be conducted only at the time of a faculty member’s initial appointment and not for currently appointed members of the faculty nor at the time an existing faculty member is reappointed or promoted.

These checks are intended to assure that we do not appoint individuals to faculty positions with prior criminal convictions who pose an unacceptable risk to the University or its employees, students, and visitors. The newly implemented faculty check is identical to what has long been conducted for all new SHRA and EHRA Non-Faculty hires.

To complete the hiring requirements, an official transcript must be provided for all graduate degrees by the end of the first semester of employment with UNC Chapel Hill. If the official transcript is in a letter other than English, a certified English translation also is required. If the transcript is not available, the department may request a waiver from the Provost. Please be aware that if an official transcript is not provided in a timely manner, employment may be terminated for failure to comply with a condition of employment.