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For Faculty Members Arriving Prior To Approval Of Tenure Track Or Tenured Appointment

Departments wishing to employ faculty members with benefits arriving “early” whose tenure track or tenured appointment are pending final approvals and no longer will hold faculty rank at another institution are processed using a one-year fixed term appointment. This one-year fixed term appointment should be amended to the proposed tenure track or tenured appointment once final approvals for the permanent appointment are confirmed using a ConnectCarolina Hire ePAR. It cannot be used for current benefit earning employees.

When processing a one-year fixed term appointment under these conditions, the normal Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Office waiver of recruitment is not required as long as this individual’s appointment as a tenured or tenured track faculty member has received prior EEO Office approval. Instead, the department should document in the ConnectCarolina Hire ePAR comments for the fixed term appointment that it is being conveyed pending final approval of a proposed tenure track or tenured appointment. The specific rank of the tenure track or tenured appointment pending approval and the EEO log # of that recruitment must be disclosed. The department HR Representative should check the “Nominated Faculty” box on the Hire ePAR.

Departments and Schools are encouraged not to initiate “early” arrivals of faculty members pending tenure track or tenured appointments until all approvals have been granted at the highest level of committee review required for the proposed rank by University procedures (e.g., School-level APT, HSAC, or University APT). In the event a Nominated Faculty appointment is conveyed at an earlier stage, it must be made clear to the prospective appointee that higher-level approvals are not assured and that the maximum guarantee of employment is the one-year fixed term. Please exercise caution in this regard so as not to encourage individuals to prematurely terminate appointments at other institutions or incur moving and relocation expenses prior to their tenure track or tenured appointment being officially approved.


ConnectCarolina Actions

Department hired employee in as Assistant Professor nominated – conversion position data reflects Assistant Professor job code, but job still reflects ‘Nominated’

  • Department would not need to update the position since no job code change
  • Department would need to process an Edit Existing Job ePAR to make any needed updates to Expected End Date, update tenure data and remove check box of ‘Nominated’
    • Action/Action reason: Data Change / Job Data Change