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The following list of documents constitutes the “Standard Order” of paperwork to be submitted for non-salaried fixed term faculty appointments.  Use the Hire ePAR to hire these faculty into the “Faculty Zero Base Rate (CWR)” Employee Group. 

Please scan and attach approved copies of all required forms and documents to the Hire ePAR:

  1. AP-2
  2. AP-2a
  3. Contract letter from department to employee
  4. Recommendation letter
  5. School/Department Promotions Committee Report (if applicable)
  6. Official Transcript (if applicable)
  7. Recommendation for Joint Appointment (if applicable)
Standard Order Tables


Fixed Term Non-Salaried to Salaried Appointments

If a faculty member holds a non-salaried Contingent Worker fixed term primary appointment and is hired via a recruitment into a salaried fixed term appointment within the same department, the following documents will be required:
  1. Updated AP-2 to reflect the new employment information
  2. Recommendation letter from the dean
  3. Updated curriculum Vita
  4. Two letters of recommendation (if applicable)
  5. Official Transcript

In ConnectCarolina, complete a termination ePAR to end the non-salaried Contingent Worker position. Then, complete a hire ePAR for the new salaried position and include the documents listed above. If moving into a temporary or faculty intermittent appointment, please remember pay is accomplished via salary/FTE not lump sum payment.

Standard Order Tables


The following additional documents are required:

  • Payroll forms (completed in ConnectCarolina)
  • Background Check Authorization (Processed through ConnectCarolina)
  • I-9 forwarded to EEV Coordinators in HR Employment, Classification & Compensation after EEV verification is completed (Write approved EEV number on top of I-9 form.)